• I Am Not My Headscarf: On the Modern Muslim American Woman

    By: Brandi Danielle Douglass Muslim American Women are Our Present and our Future…. Religion, for many cultures, contains the blueprint for which members are to live their lives. For most in that cultural group, specific traditions and customs are to be followed without question and done so without the urge to waiver. These traditions may… Read More

    I Am Not My Headscarf: On the Modern Muslim American Woman
  • My Toxic Relationship

    By: Yi Yi Huang *trigger warning for food, purging, eating disorders*   I’ve always had a very long and complicated relationship with my body. Growing up, I hated this one room in the house: the foyer. On one side, there was a wall of mirrors and I always had to pass it to get from… Read More

    My Toxic Relationship
  • Taylor Swift: “Fearless” is not Naiveté

    By: Erin McGovern The world’s love affair with Taylor Swift started gaining traction in 2010 when a wide eyed and innocent girl became the youngest person ever to take home the Grammy Award for Album of the Year her country album, “Fearless.”  The award cemented her place in the music industry. “Fearless” was young, dreamy,… Read More

    Taylor Swift: “Fearless” is not Naiveté
  • Alejandra Campoverdi : Respecting Myself to Reflect My Community

    By: Anastacia Barbosa One quick search of the name “Alejandra Campoverdi” and the internet will pull up a few things. You’ll come across an old Maxim photo shoot, articles on her time as an Obama White House Aid, and a California Congressional Campaign website. But there’s nothing like Alejandra in her own words that does… Read More

    Alejandra Campoverdi : Respecting Myself to Reflect My Community
  • Why I Started Saying “No”

    By: Lauren Kochanowski My New Year’s resolutions have always been pretty typical: lose that extra five pounds, read more, watch Netflix less. But as I approached the beginning of 2017, I decided on just one seemingly simple resolution: to say “no” more often. Why is it that “no” is always automatically interpreted as negative? It… Read More

    Why I Started Saying “No”



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